Friday, August 30, 2013

Was Nikko Really Nichiren Shonin's Heir? Judge For Yourself

The thing we know with absolute certainty is that Nichiren appointed Six Senior Priests and that Nikko was certainly not his sole heir. Most all the issues we debate have some bit of elbow room for interpretation because they are religious constructs. Nikko as sole heir is a horse of a different color because it involves an historical event. Historical events can be looked into. When Nikko as sole heir is seriously looked into, there is no debate. No professional historian argues for it anywhere. The facts speak so loudly that the claim is beyond the pale with no corroborative evidence at all to support Nichiren Shoshu’s claim.

There are three transfer documents (he sure must have been busy his last few days changing his mind). The authentic transfer document gives leadership of the sect to six Priests, Nikko included. We know this is the authentic transfer, because everyone acts exactly in accordance with that document. At no time does Nikko do the smallest thing in the role of sole leader. He does not lead the funeral but rather marches in the rear rank (we have two accounts of the funeral, one by Nikko himself). He is left only non-religious personal effects by Nichiren and complains bitterly about that later. And he does act along with everyone else as a group of six, filling the role of secretary to the group, not leader of the group. When the government interacts with the sect, they deal directly with Nissho, the eldest of the Senior Priests, not Nikko and never once does Nikko try to insert himself into these sorts of interactions, explaining that they have it wrong and he should be dealt with as the leader. A lot of things can be said about Nikko good and bad, but shyness was not a trait he was known for. When he leaves Minobu he writes how sad he is to go, but one of the two fake transfer documents says Fuji is where the Kaidan should go, so he would certainly have been happy to go there.

The  fake transfer documents themselves are rampant with bloopers. They do not appear on the scene until years after Nikko’s death and are supposed copies of copies of copies to explain away why the handwriting does not match anyone present at the time they would have been written.  One of the two was forged by Taisekiji but they were not coordinating their forgery project with their sister Temple, the Nikko-founded Honmonji Nishiyama, who was also busy forging one of their very own. In the Honmonji Temple’s fake, they have the chutzpah (nerve) to make a reference to a “Honmonji” Temple as the Kaidan Temple.  And finally, if Nikko was really sole heir, it was a secret, because no one anywhere at that time makes even a passing reference to it. No one cares enough about Nichiren’s last order to discuss it when it was supposedly done. No one cares enough to mention Nikko as leader while he was on Minobu and no one cared enough to discuss what would have been a coup d'etat when he walks off the mountain and goes (sadly) to Fuji. NIKKO does not ever mention it. Not once, not even in passing that he at anytime was Nichiren’s sole heir . Toki Jonin does not ever mention it. The Abutsubo family takes no notice, Lady Koo does not notice. Shingo Kingo does not notice. Not even a vague reference exists by any person, from his closest followers to the government, to the neighbors. But what every one acts in accord with, is the real and only transfer document, the one appointing all six Priests.

This is very bad news for Nichiren Shoshu because their primary excuse for leaving Nichiren Buddhism and creating a weird and Tendai-like theology not actually found in the Gosho of Nichiren Shonin is that the “inner” and “real” doctrine of Nichiren Shonin is not found in his writings but rather in a secret "Mind to Mind" transmission (see: Tendai-Shu Blood lineage transmission theories) that starts with Nikko as Nichiren’s special receptor and sole heir , an event which has left no trace in the historical record and no serious person could believe really happened.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An interlude

I have come a long way from searching my path in Buddhism, Daoism, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, it has been a search for more than 2 decades as i look back at it.

One of the great things i have encountered in Buddhism (in general) is that it puts one back to his own resources, giving the practitioner back his / her life.
Buddhism basically tells us, that the suffering we endure is our own consequence from deeds carried out in the near past of even the most remote distant past.
This might sound somewhat negative to those who are not very familiar with the basic principles of Buddhism, yet it gives us back our own responsibility, to take back our own life and thus offers the chance to clear these past deeds and actions.

Isn't it great ?
A way of life that just says: "Here is your life back, do as you please but beware, what goes around, comes around, or ... from the push come the shove".

When we get familiar with how this principle works, we are able to understand more abour ourselves, we tend to be more carefull in our words and action, even our thoughts.
Since we got to learn that whatever we do, we will have to take full responsibility for them.

Is that what Buddhism is about?
well to live with awareness is great , but no , ultimately , it is the search for enlightenment, to be one with the Buddha, at the Eagle Peak where Lord Shakamuni is constantly preaching the Dharma, The Utlimate Law.

So when i become a Buddhist, i can reach enlightement then ?
Yes, but this is where it gets confusing, since the are several paths that can be followed, ... at first sight.
Eventually, I found and learned there is but only one path and but only vehicle that leads us to be free from suffering , old age, ignorance and death eventually.

This is where the Lotus Sutra comes into town.
Nichiren had studied every sutra available and came to the final conclusion, that it is only through the Lotus Sutra, one can attain the Supreme Enlightenment.
By chanting Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, the Odaimoku of the Nichiren Faith.

Lord Shakamuni himself promised that, even if a person rejoices in one single phrase of the Lotus Sutra, that person is to be sure to become a Buddha himself..

Therefore, who would ever doubt the words of Lord Shakamuni ?
Namu Myoho Renge Kyo !


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sangha meeting August 18th

As some of you know, we hold regular monthly meetings in which different aspects of Nichiren Buddhism are being discussed.

Obviously, there have been some events within the Kempon, that without doubt have their influences to the Sangha.

We have discussed this matter just briefly.

I can't help but find it a little odd that there are people who rather lauch attack under the flag of Nichiren to acuse, insult, drag down thosee who do not practice the True Nichiren Buddhist teachings and the teachings of The Lotus Sutra.

In my personal view, as Buddhist practitioners, isn't it so that we should practice understanding, compassion and start a dialogue and try to convince those who practice the pervert teachings, to open their eyes and try to lead them back to the True teachings ?

Eventually, organisations and persons who follow perverted teachings, will carry their own Karma.
They will without fail, have to face their own actions and bear the fruits that have been planted with their actions.

I do seriously believe that Buddhism is an individual path that leads to Enlightenment without fail by practising the teachings of The Lotus Sutra.
Now, as a relatively new member, i may have little to none profound knowledge of Nichiren, Nichiju, the Gosho or The Lotus Sutra itself, yet i do carry along with me a copy of The Lotus Sutra, my juzu and an image of the Kempon Gohonzon.

I strongly believe it is not my duty to talk bad, insult, hurt, drag down, scold or even physically attack those who practise perverted teaching, nor any living being at all.

I am aware i am not a perfect human being , but in my humility and modesty, i am trying hard.
Trusting that through the Gohonzon, i am connected with the mind of Lord Shakamuni, trusting in Him to be my guide  and pray for the receptivity of my mind ,so that The Eternal Buddha Shakamuni can guide me in my ways.

Another point that came out of the meeting was my personal translation of the Kempon Lithurgy.
I have receieved some helpfull hints, tips and tricks to make a new start with it.
At this point it is still unknown when or how to create the Dutch KemponHokkeShu Lithurgy, but i trust in the Gohonzon and the Eternal Buddha, that at some point it will be made known to me , how and when to put this into action.

Untill that time i can only chant for guidance.

I am thankfull for the Sangha for their support, I owe gratitude to Rev. Tsuchiya and to  Lord Shakamuni.

Bless you all ,

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo !