Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sangha meeting August 18th

As some of you know, we hold regular monthly meetings in which different aspects of Nichiren Buddhism are being discussed.

Obviously, there have been some events within the Kempon, that without doubt have their influences to the Sangha.

We have discussed this matter just briefly.

I can't help but find it a little odd that there are people who rather lauch attack under the flag of Nichiren to acuse, insult, drag down thosee who do not practice the True Nichiren Buddhist teachings and the teachings of The Lotus Sutra.

In my personal view, as Buddhist practitioners, isn't it so that we should practice understanding, compassion and start a dialogue and try to convince those who practice the pervert teachings, to open their eyes and try to lead them back to the True teachings ?

Eventually, organisations and persons who follow perverted teachings, will carry their own Karma.
They will without fail, have to face their own actions and bear the fruits that have been planted with their actions.

I do seriously believe that Buddhism is an individual path that leads to Enlightenment without fail by practising the teachings of The Lotus Sutra.
Now, as a relatively new member, i may have little to none profound knowledge of Nichiren, Nichiju, the Gosho or The Lotus Sutra itself, yet i do carry along with me a copy of The Lotus Sutra, my juzu and an image of the Kempon Gohonzon.

I strongly believe it is not my duty to talk bad, insult, hurt, drag down, scold or even physically attack those who practise perverted teaching, nor any living being at all.

I am aware i am not a perfect human being , but in my humility and modesty, i am trying hard.
Trusting that through the Gohonzon, i am connected with the mind of Lord Shakamuni, trusting in Him to be my guide  and pray for the receptivity of my mind ,so that The Eternal Buddha Shakamuni can guide me in my ways.

Another point that came out of the meeting was my personal translation of the Kempon Lithurgy.
I have receieved some helpfull hints, tips and tricks to make a new start with it.
At this point it is still unknown when or how to create the Dutch KemponHokkeShu Lithurgy, but i trust in the Gohonzon and the Eternal Buddha, that at some point it will be made known to me , how and when to put this into action.

Untill that time i can only chant for guidance.

I am thankfull for the Sangha for their support, I owe gratitude to Rev. Tsuchiya and to  Lord Shakamuni.

Bless you all ,

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo !


  1. I am back in town and looking forward to joining the next on-line gathering. Namu-myoo-renge-kyo.

    1. awesome Michael !
      I think i can speak up for the rest by saying we missed you !