Monday, October 7, 2013

Back on track

Hello again and welcome back,

Obviously, i have been thinking and reading some study materials in the meantime.
It seems to be the case that at some point during the practice and doing the Gongyo, one can't help but develop spiritually. The more we practice, the clearer things become.
Such as is the case with myself.

After reading some essays, I found and could finally confirm that the words in those essays were very true.

As Nichiren stated:"Faith is the foundation of the practice".

What is this faith that Nichiren Daishonin talks about ?
Well, basically it has to do with Faith in the Daimoku and Lotus Sutra.
This is the only way to develop stronger Faith by practice and perform Gongyo and chanting the Daimoku.

Several times have i read, that even if one can't read or knows how to write, as soon as a person has sincere faith, then chanting the Daimoku eventually will help develop more and stronger faith.

I have now experienced this myself. To me it is the reason to continue the practice of Gongyo and Daimoku.
And with each time, i can actually feel my faith develop and grow stronger indeed.

It is through faith that one can get to know the Eternal Buddha as revealed in the Chapter 16 of the Lotus Sutra.
More and more i can't help but notice to have a clear focus in the practice of Nichiren's Buddhism.

Also, this faith makes me aware that indeed i am protected, and yes, my family is protected and that eventually because of chanting the Daimoku, i will eventually receive the merits of this practice.

Obviously, this merit is not the main goal to start believing, we all would like to drive a better car, have a bigger house.
Yet, if one decides to take on chanting for this sole reason, then i have to dissappoint you, this is not about material wealth, not in the first nor in the last place.

The reason for chanting should be that one wishes to attain the Supreme Enlightenment, be an equal to Lord Shakamuni, The Eternal Buddha.

Be receiving and respong with joy for even as little as just one second or receiving one verse of the Lotus Sutra, those who rejoice in this, will surely attain Enlightenment, if not this life, then next life.
Just know that responding with joy, plants a little seed that will eventually grow and blossom and will be remembered throughout any rebirth.

The Daimoku will not even for a split second, will lose it's value nor result.

Namy Myoho Renge Kyo,

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