Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nichiren Shonin on the 14 Blasphemies (Slanders)

I was reading through Rev. Kubota's book, "The Tradition of Nichiren Doctrine" and came across something that a few people have asked me over the years and I didn't really have a good answer. People always talk about blaspheming (slandering) the Lotus's Nichiren Shonin's explanation of what blasphemy (slander) is..

"Nichiren Shonin taught Lord Matsuno about 14 types of blasphemers with the "Chapter of the Parable 3" as the proof text:

1. Haughtiness: being arrogant and self-important, looking down on others.
2. Laxity: being negligent in one's faith.
3. Egotism: not listening obediently to Nichiren Shonin's teachings but having a self-made faith.
4. Shallow Consciousness: superficial thinking.
5. Attachment to Desires: obsessive attachment to the Five Desires (for wealth, sex, food and drink, fame, and sleep)
6. Non-understanding: not trying to comprehend the Lord Buddha's Teachings.
7. Non-belief: not trying to believe the Buddha's Preaching in an humility.
8. Frowning: to despise the Hokke faith with knit brows and scornful look.
9. Doubts: holding doubts about the Hokke, the True Dharma.
10. Blasphemy: blaspheming (slandering) against the Hokke faith and practice.
11. Slighting the Good: slighting the Hokke faith and practice.
12. Hating the Good: hating the Hokke faith and practice.
13. Envy of the Good: envying the Hokke faith and practice.
14. Resentment of the Good: Resenting the Hokke faith and practice.

Since these Fourteen Types of Blasphemy are common to both laity and clergy, he says believers and seekers of the Dharma should beware."

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