Saturday, June 29, 2013

About our teacher:

      I wanted to write today about Rev. Tsuchiya. Since I joined over a year and a

half ago, he has always been posting dharma weekly talks and explanations of

the Lotus Sutra at our facebook group and answering any questions any of us

have had. Always kindly and patiently, because really some of the same

questions pop up again and again...

      You may be suprised to find out that Rev. Tsuchiya is an airline pilot, pretty cool and 

even cooler is that he does this, helping, guiding, instructing us all in his free time.

This isn't his day job, he does this because he really is devoted and wants to

spread the correct dharma to everyone, everywhere.

      I really appreciate this as my previous Tendai teacher never wrote to me or my

friends, we came to the U.S.from Germany and Ireland to train at the temple during the

summer, we had so much faith and devotion! And for the rest of the year


    So I don't take it for granted. I really appreciate having a caring teacher who is

there for me. So thank you Rev. Tsuchiya.

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  1. Agreed! After leaving SGI in 2000, I looked around to see if there was anything that I could agree with, and heard there was a Sho-Shinkei Priest from the ousted NST Priests when the 56th High Priest there mysteriously died - by way of background, about 300 of that Priests 'study group' were kicked out, but they never organized or created any kind of coalition, but I ventured out to New Jersey to visit and while I learned a lot about SGI that I never knew, it didn't feel wise to chant to a Gohonzon (they still used the 56th high priest's inscribed Gohonzon) just because there is a possibility that he died at the hands of evil friends (according to Sho Shinkei priests themselves) which is a strong warning from Nichiren Daishonin to be fearful of - and also they did an extended version of the Hoben Chapter and the Japanese Mythical God Hachiman is somehow in that version, unless there is a plausible answer, I never sought an answer to that, but - I just didn't know how it got there and so it looked not genuine, at best . . . . so I was on my own until I came across the Kempon Hokke and Rev. Tsuchiya has been very diligent and meticulous in his dharma series and answers to questions. I am very impressed with his thoughtful responses. Plus, fundamentally, these teachings don't stray from anything you can read from Nichiren Daishonin himself. Reverend Tsuchiya has a very broad perspective of life and religion and living as a Buddhist and I as well appreciate and enjoy the protection for his dedication to his disciples here in this Sangha.