Monday, June 24, 2013

Continuing the meditation discussion:

Was just reading J. Stone's essay "Realizing This World As The Buddha

Land." this goes right to what we were discussing...

 "This constantly abiding pure land is the very realm depicted on Nichiren's

great mandala, the calligraphic object of worship (honzon) he devised, which

represents in Chinese characters and Sanskrit letters the assembly of the Lotus

Sutra on Vulture Peak, where the ever-present Sakyamuni preaches ....For

Nichiren, faith in the Lotus Sutra thus collapses all temporal and spatial

separation between the Buddha and the devotee; by upholding the sutra

and chanting its daimoku, one can immediately enter into the Lotus assembly

and dwell in the Buddha's presence. "
    Readings of the Lotus Sutra [p.221-222] 


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