Friday, June 21, 2013

Something about our School

       For people who are wondering I'd like to tell you something about our school,

which is right in the mainstream.

      We follow the Lotus Sutra and worship the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni,

 we revere Nichiren Shonin as the reincarnation of Bodhisattva Jogyo. We don't

believe in original enlightenment, meaning we don't think we're already

buddhas, we have the  ability to become a buddha if we practice correctly.

     We don't worship with other religions or Buddhist sects but we talk to them

and listen to lectures. We perform shakubuku by stating the case and supporting

our  assertions with textual support from the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Shonin,

we use reason and people's intelligence to open their eyes, our priests teach in a

kind fashon.

     Our sect is keen on scholarship and study, so reading the Dhammapada

is a good guide for ethical living.

    Kempon Hokke is small, it was founded in 14th Century Japan by Nichiju a

former Tendai monk, who felt the other Nichiren sects had departed from

Nichiren Shonin's original teachings.

    When we chant Daimoku we visualize the Eternal Buddha at Sacred Eagle

Peak and that if you have faith the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni will guide you

and all the deities will protect you forever.

    So we're mainstream like Nichiren Shu but more orthodox;  stricter on faith

and worship.

    I hope this gives you some understanding of who we are, we've a Facebook

group you're welcome to check out: kempon fb group

 our priest Rev. Tsuchiya posts text  and explanations from the Lotus Sutra and

will answer your questions. Hey you can even ask me if you like!



  1. Hi Claudia!

    I like the new spirit of the blog. Getting to know what Kempon is actually about is a great place to start for shakabuku. I have a request. Could you post something in plain-speak explaining the differences between the original enlightenment thought that those of us who started in SGI and NSA are familiar with in contrast with what KHS teaches? That would really help my understanding and I think it would help anyone who comes across this blog.


  2. Hi Masaru:)

    oh super, I appreciate the feeback and good advice. Sure thing the next blog post will be about that topic. I'll reread my scholarly stuff on original enlightenment and then boil it down into plain English! Arg, I can do it, I'm rolling up my sleeves

    gosh, my pleasure!!

    1. It's looking really good! Nice and clean. Great job!

  3. Does Kempon Hokke have a rule saying a priest's wife cannot be a member of another Nichiren sect? Seems rather medieval. Not to mention against the spirit of freedom of religion.

  4. Frankly I have no idea though you could ask Rev. Tsuchiya.

  5. Vanya, to answer your question, the rules set down by Myomanji, Kempon Hokke's head temple, do address your question.

    "If the husband is of another faith and the wife of ours, never expel him from the community. But if the husband is ours and the wife an outsider, wait three years [for her to convert] before expelling them both."

    I would address this issue to Rev. Tsuchiya, as he is the one qualified to expand on this.

    I hope that helps in some way!


  6. Kempon Hokke is VERY keen on study but one has to be very careful about the quality of the study material. There are numerous forged Gosho out there. Rev. Tsuchiya posted a really good list on his website that I would recommend everyone check out before they start on their studies. You can find the list at:

  7. Vanya, aren't you some sort of Christian, anyway? :/