Thursday, June 27, 2013

The absolute best photo of Eagle Peak and having friends:

Isn't this amazing? It was just taken by a friend of mine a Canadian Mahayana

monk. He lives in India in New Delhi, his teacher's teacher was Nichidatsu

Fuji the founder of Nipponzan Myohoji, the Lotus monks who build the

peace pagodas and chant daimoku, but now his teacher is independent. He was 

going on pilgrimage to visit all the places marking Shakyamuni Buddha's 

human  life and I asked him to take good pics of Eagle peak for me. He's a kind 

guy and yes I'm his friend.

He knows what I believe and is very supportive. In Kempon Hokke We can be

friends with lots of people of many faiths and Buddhist sects, we just don't

pray with them. Besides how would these people even learn about the Lotus

Sutra and Nichiren if we didn't talk about it?

Also as laypeople we're not required to do shakabuku, that's the priests'

responsability. So our job is to pratice and study, if we want to tell our friends

more that's great; just don't tell them they're going to avici hell! Lol...I'm kidding

but you get my point.

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