Thursday, July 18, 2013

Essay by Rev. Tsuchiya

If you have the true faith to the Lotus Sutra, the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni, the main body of Buddha Shakyamauni, is guiding you to the enlightenment anytime. Because the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni lives with you in your mind forever.

If you realise that there is no difference between your mind and this world you see, and if you manage your mind by listening the guidance of the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni, your life will go forward to your ideals. You will be a person who challenge to change this world to the ideals.

Nichiren shonin says in Kaimoku-sho,
"The Lotus Sutra alone among them represents the true words of our Lord Sakyamuni Buddha and various Buddhas residing in the world throughout the universe in the past, present, and future." "Compared to Hinayama Buddhism, all non-Buddhist schools in India are in error. Compared to the Lotus Sutra, the correct way of Hinayama Buddhism or the first four of the so-called “five flavors” and the first three of the Four Teachings are all evil and erroneous. The Lotus Sutra alone is true and correct. The “perfect teaching” preached in pre-Lotus sutra is called perfect but its perfection in only from a relative point of view. It is still inferior to the absolute exquisiteness of the Lotus Sutra."

It means that the Lotus Sutra is the only sutra for getting an enlightenment and becoming a Buddha. It is useless to practice with other sutras to get an enlightenment for people in Mappo era. But it means not that you should not refer to other sutras preached by the Buddha Sakyamuni. Nichiren shonin also had quoted many sutras to his works.

As the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, we have to meditate the Buddha Sakyamui always preaching for us. Therefore, we have to know the character of the actual Buddha Sakyamuni who is the manifestation of the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni. We have to know well what kind of wisdom he has, what kind of compassion he has.
So, Kempon Hokke is recommending especially to read the Agama Sutra such as Dammapada. Because it is said that those sutras closely related to actual teachings of the historical Buddha Sakyamuni. We respect it as an elementary text book of Buddhism.
The Lotus Sutra is superior than any other sutras. But it is very difficult to understand its philosophy. So, you need to strongly believe the Lotus Sutra which preaches about the truth of the Buddha Sakyamuni at first.

This is the Kempon Hokke's style, the Succession of the Sutra. Kyogan-Sojo
Nevertheless, in the Nirvana sutra preached under the twin sala tree, the will of our compassionate Father Sakyamuni Buddha, it is said that we should rely upon the dharma preached by the Buddha, not upon persons who preach wrong thoughts. It means that even the highest ranking bodhisattvas such as Fugen and Monjyu should not be trusted unless they preach the sutra in hand. Grand Master T’ien-tai says, “Adopt whatever agrees with the sutra, and do not believe in that which is not found in the sutra in word or in meaning;” while Grand master Dengyo sates, “Rely upon the words of the Buddha in sutra. Do not believe in what has been transmitted orally.” (Kaimoku-sho,Open Your Eyes)

Let's say to SGI believers! Let's save SGI believers!
The Buddha Shakyamuni is the founder of Buddhism. SGI slanders the Buddha Shakyamuni and the teachings of the Buddha Shakyamuni. SGI says that the Lotus Sutra preached by the Buddha Sakyamuni and the Buddha Sakyamuni are useless. So SGI believers are not able to understand that Nichiren shonin respects the Lotus Sutra preached by the Buddha Sakyamuni and adores the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni. The teaching of SGI is not Buddhism. Bodhisattvas of the earth are disciples of the Buddha Shakyamuni. You are not a bodhisattva of the earth. You are not in position to discuss about Buddhism. If you want to become a true Buddhist, you should quit SGI. If you want to practice true Nichiren's teachings, you should quit SGI. If you want to get not brainwashing but salvation, you should quit SGI. If you quit SGI, we welcome you. If you quit SGI, Nichiren shonin welcomes you.

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