Monday, July 1, 2013

Online Sangha

Online sangha meets Sunday July 7th, 9pm GMT:

Our online sangha meets via Google Talk  the first Sunday of the month, 9pm 

GMT, London time; that's 10 pm Netherlands time, 4pm EST, 3pm MT, 1pm PT, 

10am Hawaii time.

Everyone is welcome to join us, all you need is a free gmail account and to 

download free Google Talk   Hmm, well

they've changed the name, but you get the point. Anyway we have gongyo: we 

chant Chapters 2 and 16 from the Lotus Sutra, then we have study, discussing

the sutra then we chat and we wind up with daimoku. It lasts about an hour.

If you have questions, ask anything you want, we're an open group.

If you wish to join just send me your gmail address and also your time zone, so

I can tell you when we'll start. 

It's really great if you a practicing alone to have a group of friendly faces to 

chant with. And no pressure; I promise I won't come to your home later and 

make you 



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