Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Dharma Lesson from the Lotus Sutra

The teacher of the Dharma, chapter 10
(scripture 55)
Anuttara-samyak-sam-bodhi which all the Bodhisattvas should attain is belonging to this sutra. This sutra opens the gate of expedients and reveals the real state of the truth.

Even if there are the words of Bodhisattvas in other sutras that they have attained enlightenment, all those Bodhisattvas had already performed the practice of the Lotus Sutra in the past, as a matter of fact. As if you can remember about your destination, saying "I got it", when you walk the street which you have passed in the past, Bodhisattvas who have practiced with other sutras attain enlightenment when they remember the true nature of the universe explained in the Lotus Sutra. Therefore, the Buddha Shakamuni declares that all Bodhisattvas are belonging to this sutra, that everything is benefit of the Lotus Sutra. Although other sutras include many expedients and keep the truth back, the Lotus Sutra uncovers the teachings of expedient and reveals the truth which exists in the bottom of them. This thought which reveals the true teachings which exist in the bottom of provisional teachings is called "Kaigon-Kenjitu." The teachings which are expounded in Expedients, A Parable and The Simile of Herbs, have been also intended to open the gate of expedients and reveal the truth.

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