Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rev. Tsuchiya on Kyogan Sojo (The Succession of the Scrolls)

The Succession of the Sutra. Kyogan-Sojo

Nevertheless, in the Nirvana sutra preached under the twin sala tree, the will of our compassionate Father Sakyamuni Buddha, it is said that we should rely upon the dharma preached by the Buddha, not upon persons who preach wrong thoughts. It means that even the highest ranking bodhisattvas such as Fugen and Monjyu should not be trusted unless they preach the sutra in hand. Grand Master T’ien-tai says, “Adopt whatever agrees with the sutra, and do not believe in that which is not found in the sutra in word or in meaning;” while Grand master Dengyo sates, “Rely upon the words of the Buddha in sutra. Do not believe in what has been transmitted orally.” (Kaimoku-sho,Open Your Eyes)

Some stupid and arrogant persons abuse the sentence of "Rely on the Law and not upon person",then speak ill of others when they can't do their own way. This is very wrong thought.

"Rely on the Law and not upon person" means that if there are persons who insist on different teachings from the Lotus Sutra(Law), you must not follow these persons. On the other hand, it means that if there is a person who propagates the Lotus Sutra correctly, you should follow that person. Any good teachings are transmitted rightly to people through good teachers. "Rely on the Law and not upon person" doesn't mean that "I am superior than you."

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