Sunday, July 21, 2013

On Badmouthing Others

Rev. Tsuchiya:

I want to say to stupid and arrogant persons. Speaking ill of others is not "Shakubuku." There are many useless priests and religionists in Mappo era. It is a matter of course. Even if you speak ill of those persons, you can not become a reliable man. It is a matter of course. Therefore, you should learn Buddhism correctly, and become a good practicer than them for the world.
From the Dhammapada, the early teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha:

Verse 360. Sense Discipline

Right is restraint in the eye,
restraint in the ear is right,
right is restraint in the nose,
restraint in the tongue is right.
Explanation: It is good to be disciplined in the eye. It is good to be disciplined in the ear. It is good to be disciplined in the nose. To be disciplined in the tongue is good.

Verse 363. The Ideal Monk

Whatever bhikkhu tongue-controlled
speaks wisely and who is not proud,
who theory and practice can expound,
sweet as honey is his speech.
Explanation: The monk who controls his speech, who speaks wisely with his mind composed, who explains the meaning of the Dhamma - sweet are the words of that monk.

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