Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I thought people would enjoy seeing the head temple Myomanji, beautiful pic,

isn't it. The temple is in the northern section of Kyoto with wonderful views

of Mt. Hiei. I love the raked gravel too.
Myomanji also has this wonderful re-creation of the stupa at Bodhgaya in India

it's where the earthly Shakyamuni became enlightened. More fabulous views

of Mt. Hiei, that's where the Tendai sect which reveres the Lotus Sutra is


Finally an altar at Myomanji:
I don' t know if it's the main one I have to ask, but it's wonderful....

And finally here is a pic of the original Mahabodhi temple in India that my friend Ven. Indrajala took:

I hope you enjoyed these photos and maybe one day make a visit! My gohonzon

did. Here is it's eye-opening ceremony:

Next time it will be me!


  1. Thank you!! Wow that is wonderful photo tour. And tada! on the Gohonzon. yes, I was very excited to let my Gohonzon go off for a stay and an Eye Opening Ceremony, and recommend it to everyone. That was a great way to lift my morning.

  2. I've seen many pictures of Myomanji before, but I never knew they recreated that stupa. Great photos!

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I had no idea when I went to look for the pics how beautiful it is there! Yeah I love the busshara recreation too!